Not surprisingly, many of those who make up the NFT community come from the traditional world of collecting. Having amassed figurines, trade cards, comics, or even artwork over the years, the idea of ​​digital collectibles has no doubt convinced many traditionalists to join the wave of NFT enthusiasts embracing the Ethereum blockchain.

While digital art currently dominates most NFT markets, figurines, trade cards, and comics have seen a resurgence during the boom of 2021 – Punks comics in particular has exceeded all expectations.

Punks Comic is a project led by NFT collector and influencer Beanie and Pixel Vault, a media company built around the creation of comics. It’s worth noting that while Bini helped create both the Pixel Vault and the Punks comic, he plays a minimal role in the company’s current endeavors.

From the very beginning, Punks Comic presented a unique opportunity as the first NFT comic of its kind to benefit its collectors. Consisting of 10,000 NFTs at a price of 0.2 ETH at launch, after minimal marketing from the developers, the Team Punks comic went live in May 2021.

With the purchase, collectors received not only an NFT with the comic’s cover image, but also a fully downloadable PDF version of the actual digital comic. Filled with action and suspense, the comic is written by lead narrator Josh Blaylock and fantastically talented artists Chris Wahl (of Marvel & DC Comics).

Punks Comic launched a comprehensive roadmap that included giving owners the ability to hold, burn, or store their NFTs and earn various rewards. However, it seemed that many did not understand the whole concept of the project at the very beginning, as a result of which it stalled for a short period of time after launch.

Even after all was said and done, it took several months for the trade to really take off. But when Pixel Vault began the next phase of the Punks comic adventure, things really took off.

The current events

Within months of the launch of the Punks comic, the tokenomics surrounding the project began to develop. As mentioned earlier, collectors had the option to keep, burn, or stake their comic for a fee.

For owners, it was announced that the Punks comic will not be limited to one NFT. Holding this first edition of Hunt for the Lost Robbies in your hands, anyone with a comic number under 5000 (#1-4999) will receive the bored monkey themed second edition free of charge upon its release. Additionally, a 14-day submission period for physical Punks comics has been announced, but no booking start date has yet been set.

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