Decentralized applications are becoming more and more widespread every year. They are considered as the main options for applying the technology by which the blockchain was created. Over the past time, they have been developing at a rapid pace, which has led to the emergence of not only games of a new format, but also a number of other developments, including modern decentralized finance platforms.


Currently, Sol a cryptocurrency based on the Solana decentralized computing platform, has become very popular. According to its developers, this platform can process about 50,000 transactions per second without harming the decentralization process. In addition, it has the following functional features:

  • can support about 1000 nodes without reducing throughput;
  • does not face the problems that are typical for competing platforms;
  • characterized by high transaction security.

It is noteworthy that the cryptocurrency was founded on the Solana platform in 2017, and the project raised over $25 million. At the same time, not only private, but also public sales were carried out. The platform itself is underpinned by Tower Consensus, a system that allows distributed networks to reach consensus to a large extent, despite the many malicious nodes that cause a lot of problems.
It should be noted that the crypto Sol platform operates on a fairly advanced technology that allows the use of a parallel environment when smart contracts are executed.This contributes not only to resource optimization, but also provides horizontal scaling between SSDs and processors themselves. At the moment, the platform in question, an overview of which can be found on the vastness of the global network, is considered the fastest blockchain. This contributes to the growth in demand for Solana coin.


Experts in the field of cryptocurrency technologies emphasize that the popularity of sol usd is largely due to the small commission for a transaction. At the same time, the large scalability of the platform makes it possible for it to serve decentralized applications.
Over time, we should expect that sol will be even more in demand cryptocurrency than it is at the moment. It will become more competitive and more technologically advanced than other analogues known today. This is quite possible given the expected support from some crypto funds based in China. In addition, this will contribute to the globalization of the cryptocurrency in question.

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