BYOPills NFT platform

BYOP is a set of 10,000 unique software-generated 3D digital tokens in the form of virtual “pills”, the purpose of which is to become a popular and utilitarian NFT asset when exchanged in various network blockchains – resources (metaverse). The project will allow collectors of tokens to get access to unique transfers in AR / VR (augmented reality) format.

The project is also aimed at making these transfer operations in the metaverse universal, allowing collectors to work in various digital ecosystems – exchange, purchase / sale, storage, investment. The ultimate goal of the BYOP project is to present BYOPills tokens as exchange assets for all supported blockchains, ranging from standard financial transactions to visualization of augmented reality software products (4D).

The project, like its tokens, has the following properties:

  1. The application for using tokens connects to the user’s crypto-wallet, archives the metadata of tokens (“tablets”) and creates the required AR-effect (visual image in 3D format) on based on these characteristics.
  2. Collectors will benefit from added value as partnerships are announced, utility and market demand increase, and will benefit from distributing remaining tokens in reserve during the airdrop process .
  3. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of tokens at the open auction will be used to buy BYOPills at a price below the exchange price (buyback or @byback), but only after a vote of collectors and approval.
  4. Each tablet or token is randomly generated by combining over 170 generic characteristics and categorized into 6 identification categories.
  5. All tokens or “Pills” are stored in blockchain storage on the ETH platform and hosted in IPFS (cloud storage based on a distributed ledger). This guarantees 100% safety of these cryptocurrency assets.

Main operational characteristics of the project

The project platform is integrated with Wallet Connect to provide access to various wallets during the execution of exchange transactions on the network. Mobile minting or transfer of tokens is also available directly through Metamask. Once purchased, collectors will be able to see their tablet directly on the platform’s website, as well as see it on the Opensea auction site.

1. Market price as of December 13, 2021 – USD 2196.28 or ETH 0.550000

2.Maximum total supply: 10,000 BYOPILL

3.Holders: 3 430

  1. Transaction volume: 24,878
  2. Smart contract: 0xbd275ce24f32d6ce4e9d9519c55abe9bc0ed7fcf (blockchain address).
  3. Official site: .
  4. Social media profiles:
  5. The headquarters are located at BYOPills, BYO Studios Ltd. CA. USA.
  6. Project launch date: July 12, 2021
  7. Founders & Management:
  • Dr. Ether Jay is a Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer. Winner of over 8 awards from AI to game development and blockchain.
  • George Cook is CEO and Creative Director.
  • P. Ether is an NFT enthusiast and collector, science fiction writer since 2017.

Long-term vision Byopills and overview project development is platform integration BYOPs with different metauniverses, gaming platforms with blockchain ecosystems for various purposes, providing collectors with universal access to cross-chain transactions. This will drive demand and utility BYOPills NFT across the various blockchain communities.

As a summary can be added. Despite the fact that only 4 months have passed since the launch of the project, byopills reviews among the network community have mostly positive approval. Recommended for study by potential investors in NFT projects.

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