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A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where one digital currency is traded and exchanged for another, possibly for different world currencies, including both dollars and euros, as well as rubles and yuan. In addition to mining, the original way to create cryptocurrencies, exchanges are considered one of the ways to get them.

Each participant who invests his real money has the right to perform operations related to the analysis of rates, receive appropriate signals, sell and exchange bitcoins, as well as other popular types of currencies for real money.

Virtual currency exchanges are divided into two types:

– resources (where users can exchange crypto for fiat currencies);

– platforms (they can exchange cryptocurrencies only for other cryptocurrencies).

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to carefully study several important criteria:

– are there any hidden fees;

– used currency for purchase;

– the ability to exchange earned funds for rubles;

– what tokens are mined;

– whether there are execution delays on this platform, and how regular they are. – an overview of the cryptocurrency exchange is an old, fairly popular crypto exchange. It is originally from China and dates back to 2013. Its original name was Bter, but now it belongs to the American company Gate Technology Inc, which owns all the rights. The platform allows you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Thus, Gate Exchange is mainly aimed at European traders, and so does Asia. Therefore, the site is presented in European languages, but also in Russian. This site offers trading in more than 350 cryptocurrencies, among which there are quite rare coins.

On the exchange low fees for its users, OS Android and iPhone applications, high-quality website design, the main advantage of this platform is the high security itself.

Reviews about are regularly left by European and Russian traders, which, accordingly, ensures a high popularity of the site.

The main advantages of the exchange include:

no verification required;

– wide range of trading pairs;

– robust security tools;

– Android OS and iPhone applications, for your convenience;

– active registration of new ICO tokens;

– nice trading commissions. is the Bter exchange after the update. After the new name appeared, this site is much more stable and still has a good reputation among cryptocurrency traders. Volumes are constantly growing every day, and for individual currencies, Gate sets the tone for liquidity.

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