CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service launched in Hong Kong and founded in 2017 by Hypo Yang.
Crypto exchange Сoinex offers a user-friendly interface. It has a very flexible system that provides automatic transactions for depositing and withdrawing funds, supported by the best mining pool in the world. All client digital assets on CoinEx are 100% reserved and will not be used anywhere else, high security and many tools that make CoinEx one of the best crypto exchanges.
Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx has a wide range of potential partners. These are the likes of ViaBTC, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pool (a Chinese mining pool that is responsible for a significant amount of hashrate for many crypto networks).
As an interesting piece of data, it should be emphasized that the founder Haipo Yang is also the CEO of ViaBTC. This makes it clear or visible that CoinEx is backed by large companies/partners.

CoinEx services and payment methods

Crypto exchange CoinEx supports over 124 cryptocurrencies (all cryptocurrencies supported by CoinEx can be deposited and withdrawn) and has over 301 fiat-crypto currency pairs.
CoinEx provides an easy and convenient way to exchange one type of digital asset for another type of digital asset. Besides:

  • CoinEx allows you to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards.
  • CoinEx accepts users from all over the world, including the EU, UK, US, Australia, and Canada.
  • CoinEx now supports multiple languages ​​and provides global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.

Commission on CoinEx

The CoinEx commission varies depending on the VIP level and the level of market making of the user (client).
The VIP level depends on the number of native CET tokens held, and the level of market making depends on the trading volume. The data of all sub-accounts will always be recalculated to the main client accounts.

Биржа криптовалют CoinEx

CoinEx биржа

биржа Сoinex
All these data are presented in the attached tables.

Limits for withdrawing money from the CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange

If the client links his account to a mobile phone, then:

  • 24-hour withdrawal limit: $10,000
  • Full identity verification or KYC – protocol

The standard daily or 24-hour withdrawal limit provided by the Coin exchange is $1,000,000. To further increase the daily withdrawal limit, the client can contact the support team at

Security on CoinEx

The coin exchange is one of the safest crypto exchanges as it offers:

  1. Adoption of the HTTPS protocol (SSL or TLS encryption technology is used to secure these connections)
  2. Two-factor authentication available for double protection (provides perfect security and requires an extra step when logging into accounts, making data more secure online)
  3. Storage in the form of a cold wallet. Judging by the way traders work with the coinex exchange, reviews about it boil down to the fact that the safest way to store cryptocurrency is cold crypto wallets.
  4. The multi-signature strategy guarantees the safety of assets.

As a conclusion, we can conclude that the coinex crypto exchange, which was reviewed in this article, can, under certain conditions, be used by traders. The platform has already gained experience in the crypto market, provides complete security of assets and offers a completely modern service.

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