Bilaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange: Overview

Bilaxy Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange site that was registered in the Seychelles. The headquarters and founders are carefully hidden, which often alarms traders. Bilaxy offers a large number of markets (above average) as well as a variety of tradable pairs. Transaction fees on Bilaxy exchange are roughly the industry average. In an interview between the CEO of Cointelligence and the Celsius Network, Alex Mashinski, the general risks for clients were described, as well as the actual volume of the exchange. Bilaxi Exchange

Detailed information about Bilaxy

Mina Bilaxy – is one of the popular cryptocurrencies. It works like Bitcoin, but transacts like Ethereum. Mine is a compressed blockchain that is considered to be the lightest blockchain. No increase in usage will unbalance the blockchain. Active work is underway on the project. It was previously known as the Coda Protocol. Mine is only 22KB, while Bitcoin is 300GB, which makes the two different approaches significantly different. For the convenience of customers, there is a trading window so that you can easily track charts and the current price of tokens. Basic characteristics of the Bilaxi exchange:

  1. The estimated date of founding Bilaxy is 2018 (April).
  2. Supposed countries where the headquarters is located – China or Hong Kong.
  3. The exchange is active in 80 countries of the world.
  4. Quite simple registration with a lot of functionality.
  5. 150 cryptocurrency pairs offered.
  6. A large number of different altcoins (even unknown ones).
  7. The average daily trading volume is $ 4 million.
  8. Peak volume was $ 2.6 billion (March 2020).
  9. There is a referral program to make a profit for referring friends.
  10. American investors cannot trade on this exchange.
  11. Charged with 0.20% trade commission, which is below the average across all exchanges .

Concerns over this project include a lack of public information on team members and a lack of break-in insurance. Not so long ago, representatives of the exchange Bilaxy trade reported that their hot ERC wallet was hacked. This happened at the end of August 2021. It also stated that it will work closely with third-party security auditing companies and have made initial strides in debugging anti-tampering processes. This time, it took very little time to recover, but it all depends on the situation. There are rumors that a relaunch is planned Bilaxy 2 , which will improve customer security systems and add exchange functions.

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